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Today, I filed for a place on the ballot to be the next Williamson County Judge.

Four years ago, I ran for this same office. It was my first time to run for any office. I did it for one simple reason: I looked around and saw the deep divisions laid bare in our nation during the 2016 election season. This was not what I wanted for my children. I had to get involved and do my part–do something–to prove to myself that we the people could come together and govern for our common good. I didn’t have much hope for Washington, but I believed that if more people of good will got involved in their own local government, we could work together to solve our problems and build a community that lifts us all.

Politically, I started from a stand-still. I hadn’t planned to run, had no fundraising or organization in place, and little name recognition. But in a county with one-party rule for decades, I wanted the voters of Williamson County to have a choice. I earned more than 90,000 votes in 2018, more than any Democrat in any previous election in this county. I lost by only 6%, less than 13,000 votes. Williamson County continues to grow and diversify. In 2021, we have 44,000 more registered voters than we did in 2018. We can win this race.

Four years later, my reason for running is just as simple. But now, we’ve had three years to witness the record of the man who was elected instead. Unfortunately, he has doubled down on petty partisan divisiveness and dishonest attacks against those he disagrees with. Beyond that, our current County Judge has failed on the two most important issues that should concern the top elected official in our county: Public Health and Public Safety. His hypocritical disdain for the law led him to break his own stay-at-home order at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. His craven support for our disgraced former Sheriff and his quest for fame on LivePD led to the killing of Javier Ambler

We can’t afford four more years of this foolishness and dereliction of duty. We need a County Judge who will listen, learn, and lead. I want to lead a county government that is smart, robust, and transparent–one that works for all of us. It’s easy to forget: the government that most affects your daily life–and the one over which you have the most influence–is your local government. Together, we can make mental and behavioral health the priority it needs to be, manage our dramatic growth wisely making sure no one is left behind, and ensure the safety and well-being of all who live, work, or pass through our county.

I still believe this is a vision worth fighting for. I love America. I love Texas. I believe we can make make Williamson County the best version of Texas and of America.

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No matter who you are

No matter where you live or work in Williamson County, or whether you’re just passing through: You deserve a smart, robust, and transparent county government that works for you.


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James Talarico
Texas State
District 52

Terry Cook
Williamson County
Precinct 1

Hilda Montgomery
Round Rock
City Council
Place 6

Heather Jefts
Cedar Park
City Council
Place 6


MJ Hegar
2020 Texas
Democratic Nominee
for US Senate

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Esme Mattke Longoria
City Council
Place 2


Jim Penniman-Morin
Cedar Park
City Council
Place 1


Mitchell Drummond
City Council
District 2

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