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Putting Williamson County first

- Blane Conklin on the issues -



I will work with newly elected Sheriff Gleason and my fellow Commissioners to develop reforms, policies, and safeguards to ensure civil rights protections of all who live, work, or pass through our county, and to hold our Sheriff’s Office accountable.

Mental Health

I will strongly advocate for partnerships with local, state, and federal initiatives to enhance mental health support for our community.

Financial Discipline & Integrity

I will ensure that taxpayers’ hard earned dollars are spent prudently, with proper oversight, while meeting the needs of the county.


Water is our most precious natural resource. A growing county needs to consider all options of how to meet the needs of residents, landowners, farmers, and businesses.

Climate action

Working together to make our planet livable for our kids and grandkids is one of the most pressing needs of our time. This is not a partisan issue. Texas is in a unique position to lead in the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy in a way that is both environmentally and economically beneficial.


The work of county government should not be partisan. It’s about serving everyone in our county.

Confederate Monument

I will introduce a resolution to work with the Texas Historical Society to peacefully, safely, and legally have the confederate monument removed to a more appropriate location.

Emergency management

As the chief emergency official in Williamson County, I will listen to medical and emergency professionals to make the best decisions for the safety of our community.

- Endorsements for Blane -

James Talarico
Texas State
District 52

Terry Cook
Williamson County
Precinct 1

Hilda Montgomery
Round Rock
City Council
Place 6

Heather Jefts
Cedar Park
City Council
Place 6


MJ Hegar
2020 Texas
Democratic Nominee
for US Senate

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 3.01.28 PM

Esme Mattke Longoria
City Council
Place 2


Jim Penniman-Morin
Cedar Park
City Council
Place 1


Mitchell Drummond
City Council
District 2

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